February 4, 2013

On Becoming Engaged

Disclaimer: This post is purely for the sake of flexing my atrophied writing muscle.

Thinking about all that has happened since my last post six months ago, the most notable event has been getting engaged to my favorite guy in the world. Notice I didn't say love of my life or soul mate, or best friend; Not because he's not those things, but because I can't bring myself to say ridiculous phrases like that. I'm not a super lovey-dovey person, but honestly, if I can't be at least a little bit sappy right now, then I would be worried that there was something terribly wrong with me. I don't agree with those who abide to the TSwift mentality of being obsessed with love. But like all things, there is a time and a place, and I'm not going to let my time to be an emotional, hopeless romantic pass me by, dammit. In the mere 9 days I have been betrothed, I've noticed that once you are on the other side, of course here I am referring to engaged vs. seriously dating, it is easier to be genuinely happy and excited for others who  are recently married and engaged. This mushy stuff is contagious. Another thing that's weird about being engaged is the word fiancé. It's a really flamboyant word. Boyfriend and husband are not uncomfortable to say out loud.. but fiancé... just makes me think of Beyoncé (who was unreal last night in the Superbowl btw) and makes me giggle inside. Finally, one of the biggest positives to come out of this proposal, is the fact that I can now pin wedding shit all day long and it is (more) socially acceptable.

me and my fiancé

me and Beyoncé

September 1, 2012

On being an "adult"

Well, here I am... another 3 months since the last post. I swear I've been busy though. I have left a job, moved to another state, started another amazing job and moved into my own apartment. I graduated from college 2 years ago, but in the past few months it has especially hit me how hard it is to be an "adult." Lets' be honest, there are times when it sucks. While I love feeling independent and accomplished, often I feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities (bills). Venting aside, I am so grateful to be where I am today, and can look back and realize that everything I have been through and experienced up to this point has been to equip me for where I am now... my dream job as the PR Coordinator at Neiman Marcus- see below:
Here is what my office looks like at any given day- filled with fabulous merchandise for upcoming events
...and this is an example of said upcoming event. Fashion's Night Out is rapidly approaching, and we are putting on THREE completely different fashion shows in less than 24 hours- God help us. I am loving this new opportunity, and am embracing every moment. We all have to become adults at some point, so I am trying to make the best of it. Hope you are all doing what you love, and loving what you do- there is nothing more important in my humble opinion- even if you are broke doing it :)

May 30, 2012

I'm still alive

I may have taken a little time off (understatement), and can't promise that it won't happen again, but i've never been great with commitment.. However, I am good at being spontaneous- so here is a post on my life through instagram over the past few months... And yes, that chanel bag is a cake.

I'm still alive

February 11, 2012

The best of NYFW Fall RTW 2012 (or 2043)

My excitement for Spring is on a brief hold after looking at the insane clothes coming from the Fall RTW shows. This is ultimately a good thing, as it  serves as a reminder to look at clothes that are currently on
sale?.. trying to be positive here.. So far, my favorite shows have been Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung, and Peter Som.
Rag & Bone's collection is a really good balance of beautiful fashion forward clothes that are actually very wearable. There was an abundance of texture and layering, as well as an eastern undertone. Key colors were metallic bronze, accompanied by shades of grey, red, and black.

The capes and old school cop hats that kicked-off the Prabal Gurung show, thankfully evolved into gorgeous cobalt blue futuristic graphic prints, followed by glamorous, sexy, gold evening gowns, that are sure to be seen on the red carpet at many a premiere come Fall.

I have been in love with Peter Som since my freshman year in college when I had to do a semester-long analysis on him. It was then that I learned about his background in architecture, which is very evident in this collection. Strong, clean, and modern silhouettes juxtaposed with sheer organza. Lots of white in the opening looks, followed by peplums and mullet dresses. I am crazy about this collection.

February 5, 2012

Happy Place

I spent the past week in NYC for market. I saw some amazing Fall footwear that I want to share soon, but until then, here is a picture of  the clothing rack-lined halls of Lucky Magazine in preparation for the May issue. Clean, white, bright lights, and.. amazing clothes. Is this what heaven looks like?

January 29, 2012

Pretty Pastels

Easter can't come soon enough. Although it's still a little too early and cold to experiment with pastels, i'm excited about this spring trend. I can't remember the last time I wore/owned anything pastel, so this is a nice change.  Wear rose-gold accessories to really accentuate peach. I plan on adding tough jackets and jewelry so the look isn't too feminine-sweet.

Pretty Pastels

January 26, 2012

Jewelry Box

Staying true to theme of addictions and alcoholics anonymous, the past few months I have been on a serious bracelet and necklace binge. Here's the outcome:

Bracelets top to bottom: Kendra Scott, Forever 21, the streets of soho, Native American family on the side of a mountain... Necklaces left to right: Maya Brenner, the streets of soho again,  Moon and Lola, J. Crew