February 4, 2013

On Becoming Engaged

Disclaimer: This post is purely for the sake of flexing my atrophied writing muscle.

Thinking about all that has happened since my last post six months ago, the most notable event has been getting engaged to my favorite guy in the world. Notice I didn't say love of my life or soul mate, or best friend; Not because he's not those things, but because I can't bring myself to say ridiculous phrases like that. I'm not a super lovey-dovey person, but honestly, if I can't be at least a little bit sappy right now, then I would be worried that there was something terribly wrong with me. I don't agree with those who abide to the TSwift mentality of being obsessed with love. But like all things, there is a time and a place, and I'm not going to let my time to be an emotional, hopeless romantic pass me by, dammit. In the mere 9 days I have been betrothed, I've noticed that once you are on the other side, of course here I am referring to engaged vs. seriously dating, it is easier to be genuinely happy and excited for others who  are recently married and engaged. This mushy stuff is contagious. Another thing that's weird about being engaged is the word fiancé. It's a really flamboyant word. Boyfriend and husband are not uncomfortable to say out loud.. but fiancé... just makes me think of Beyoncé (who was unreal last night in the Superbowl btw) and makes me giggle inside. Finally, one of the biggest positives to come out of this proposal, is the fact that I can now pin wedding shit all day long and it is (more) socially acceptable.

me and my fiancé

me and Beyoncé